Meet the New Faces of Cristen Farrell Photography | Santa Clarita Photographer

I can’t believe that Cristen Farrell Photography is just shy of the website being up and running for 4 months.  Where did the time go? Maybe it’s a little cliche, but time flies when you’re having fun.  I have really enjoyed meeting so many wonderful clients. So many of them have taken a personal interest in my work and have gone above and beyond to make me feel appreciated.

On that note, I just knew that I had to update the website. I want everyone to see the beautiful faces that I’ve had the opportunity to capture memories of. The Homepage slideshow still has some familiar faces, but it has been updated with some new ones, big and small.

Another notable change is the addition of galleries to the Portfolio section. You will now find images by catergory including Engagement & Couples, Maternity, Babies & Kids, Teens & High School Seniors, Families, and more categories to come in the near future. There are TONS of new faces in these galleries, so don’t forget to click through each gallery.  Who knows – maybe YOUR photo is on the site!

Not enough hours in the day to read the Cristen Farrell Photography Blog? No problem! Visit the News: Latest and Greatest page of for a summary of what’s going on in our world on a daily basis. Want more info? Click the link to be directed to the blog for the complete story.

More updates are on the way – stay tuned!

Cristen Farrell
Cristen Farrell Photography

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