{On} Location, Location, Location | Santa Clarita Photographer

I am often asked exactly what “on-location” means. The best answer is, I don’t use a studio.  I use parks for a lush, green landscape. I use urban areas for a modern, edgy feel. I use clients’ homes for a more intimate setting.  Generally, I do not shoot portrait sessions indoors, as I prefer natural, clean light.

When booking your photo session, I will ask if you have a location in mind.  Often clients have a general idea for the feel of the images they would like, but just as often, I’m asked to suggest locations, which I am happy to do!

For me, the perfect location isn’t so much about breathtaking landscape features (which will end up lens-blurred anyway!).  I want the focus to be on YOU – these are your memories!  With that in mind, I will often ask if you would like bright, vibrant images or more muted, neutral images. I choose park locations for bright images and canyon locations for neutral images (and I have my favorites – some lighting situations are better than others).

Want to suggest your own location? No problem! I am happy to review the location of your choice and let you know if it will work for the type of images you prefer.

©Cristen Farrell 2011 | Santa Clarita Photographer | Canyon Location

Questions? Ask away! Feel free to leave a comment below.

©Cristen Farrell 2011 | Santa Clarita Photographer | Park Location

©Cristen Farrell 2011 | Santa Clarita Photographer | Urban Location

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