Photographers and Tech Lovers: To Upgrade or Not? | Santa Clarita Photographer

I have a dilemma. When I started my photography business, I bought all of my equipment out of pocket, so for the most part, I chose equipment that was within my budget, knowing that I had the skills to push it to it’s farthest limit. For my camera, that meant the Nikon D3000; a starter D-SLR, to be sure.  My D3000 has served me well and become my trusty sidekick on many an occasion, but I’ve come to a fork in the road.

In one direction is my current camera… In the other direction is the Nikon D7000.  Lately, I have found myself longing for a camera where I can truly push the ISOs and shutter speed, something that I can’t necessarily do with my current sidekick.  And then there are the lenses. My D3000 requires AF-S lenses – considerably more expensive than the AF lenses that the D7000 requires.  Did I mention that the D7000 takes 1080p video, while my current camera does not take video (handy for events!). My quandary is whether or not these reasons justify the major expense of the upgrade, especially in such an unstable economy.  If I DO purchase the D7000, I plan to sell my 50mm f/1.4G AF-S and purchase the same lens in AF version (a savings of a few hundred dollars).  On the flip side, I would be keeping my D3000 as a backup camera when shooting weddings and events.

So I’m stuck…I still can’t decide. I’d love feedback!  Here are the stats:

D3000: $499.95  |  D7000:  $1,199.95

Comparison Graphic Courtesy of

3 thoughts on “Photographers and Tech Lovers: To Upgrade or Not? | Santa Clarita Photographer

  1. I shoot 100% Canon so I personally can’t tell you on a technical basis which I would do. BUT, my Best Friend Jen of Jennifer Madden Photography just upgraded from the D3000 to the D7000 and she is soooooo happy with her decision. She had a hard time deciding whether or not to go with the 700 or the 7000 but in the end she chose the 7000 and couldn’t be more happier 🙂

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