Focus | Santa Clarita Photographer

So often, my clients ask me why I chase after their kids…why I roll around in the grass with them…why I love their sweet smiles almost as much as their own family does.  My clients ask me why I allow myself to get caught up in paperwork mountains and email oceans.


Have I ever mentioned that I have ADD? Yes, it’s true (and my poor 7 year old son has followed in my footsteps).  Perhaps having ADD is one of the contributing factors for why I love photography so much.   Photography is always changing…evolving…growing.  I CAN’T lose focus or I may miss a priceless moment.  In the moment that my Nikon viewfinder is pressed against my eye, the world goes quiet and all I see is the beauty in the moment…the people I am photographing…the nature that surrounds us.  For me, it’s serenity as real as it gets.

Running a photography business is so very rewarding, but also, at times, a difficult mountain to climb.  There are times when I begin to stress about being competitive, innovative, and cutting edge.  There are times when I drown in paperwork, financial statements, and marketing materials and long for the serenity of my camera…that focus, the whole reason that I started this business in the first place.  But then again, that’s what makes it all worth it in the end.  Nothing is more important than keeping my focus where it should be – on my ART…on my IMAGES…on my clients’ WANTS and NEEDS.

When I’m editing a session and open an image that brings a tear to my eye and quickens my pulse, I know that I’ve overcome my handicap and produced a result that I know will pull at the heartstrings of my client.  That is the greatest feeling in the world.

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