Sign Up For Our Email Newsletter! | Santa Clarita Photographer

The Cristen Farrell Photography email newsletter is here! Actually, it’s been in place for quite a while for current clients, but we thought it was time to open it up to everyone.

What’s the benefit of signing up?

It’s SO convenient! Don’t want me miss a sale? A coupon? A free giveaway? Let us do the work and notify you!  Also, from time to time, we’ll offer EXCLUSIVE savings not available anywhere else!

How often is the newsletter sent out?

Usually, monthly.  Additionally, we may occasionally send it out when we have something special to offer you and don’t want you to miss out. What we will NOT do is send you a daily or even weekly email. This newsletter is not meant to overwhelm your email!

Where can I sign up?

Facebook: Visit and click “Newsletter Sign Up” from the left menu (or click HERE).

Is my personal information safe?

Yes! Your email address will only be used for the newsletter and will never be released for any reason!

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