When Photoshopping Goes Too Far | Los Angeles Photographer

It’s a common question I get from clients: “Can you Photoshop Me?”  Well, technically, I can; I do know how to do it.  However, my answer usually depends on what I am being asked to Photoshop specifically.  Let me explain:

Why do clients choose to make the investment in professional pictures with their families?  In my experience, the answer to this question is resoundingly that clients want to preserve the memory of their family at this particular point in time. So why then would you want to make yourself look like someone else?  This is YOUR memory – you should look like YOURSELF and be proud of it!  Embrace who you are and what you look like because this is how your family sees you…and LOVES you!

If a client asks me to color gray hair, completely remove wrinkles, or thin out their waistline, my answer is no about 99% of the time – I am not in the business of creating fake people.  That said, I do soften wrinkles and such that may have been made more obvious than usual in an image depending on lighting, posing, etc.  When you have your photos taken by me, you can expect your images to look flattering, but not fake.

There is a twist on this. I once had a client tell me that her daughter got hit in the face while playing sports at school and had a black eye.  Obviously, she doesn’t always look like this, so I had no problem Photoshopping her black eye out of the images. Sick kids with runny noses? I can fix that too.

I never want anyone to look at a photo I have taken and say, “that’s obviously Photoshopped”.

I found this video online and I think it is a great depiction of the reason I stand behind these principles. *
* There is music, so please turn down your volume before clicking Play if you do not wish to hear it.

The videos contained in this blog post were not created by Cristen Farrell Photography, nor does Cristen Farrell Photography endorse them in any way.

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