Trust Your Photographer

So you’re all dressed up, you have your hair done and your high heels on and your photographer asks you to…climb into a planter?

The best thing about using a professional photographer is his or her unique creative vision.  What may seem strange and just plain silly to you might be part of your photographer’s master plan.  As a photographer myself, I really do think that I see things in a unique way.  When I start a session, the first thing I do is survey my surroundings and unfailingly, it’s like the pieces of a puzzle coming together in my head…click, click, click.  Maybe I’m looking to photograph with a certain angle of something in the background and standing in that planter happens to be the only way to get that angle.

In the same respect, I don’t think you’ll find a great photographer that doesn’t bend himself or herself into a pretzel to get a shot, get down on the ground, climb through planters and underbrush, climb a tree, stand on a table…you get the idea.  I often joke that I should be in fantastic shape with as much manuevering as I do when I’m out photographing (except I’m not – LOL).  In all seriousness though, I do what it takes to get the shot I want and my body often feels the pains of it the next day.

So what’s the bottom line? If you have a photo session set up, be prepared to place your full and complete trust in your photographer.  What he or she instructs you to do (or does himself or herself) may seem odd at the time, but if you have chosen a true professional with creative vision and raw talent, the end result will likely blow you away.  You being comfortable in those images is what will truly put them over the top.

Be you!

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