High School Seniors: Brittany & Courtney | Santa Clarita Senior Portrait Photographer

Courtney booked a senior portrait session (check out her senior photos HERE) with Cristen Farrell Photography after seeing Brittany’s senior photos (check them out HERE and HERE). Brittany tagged along with Courtney for her senior session and the girls had me snap a few photos of them together. Look how cute they are!

Senior Session: Courtney | Santa Clarita Senior Portrait Photographer

This was such a fun senior session!  Check out Courtney’s eyes! A photographer’s dream! And huge thanks to Courtney for putting up with the zillions of bugs that seemed to want to attack us while we were shooting – you’re a trooper!

Senior Session: Brittany (Part II)

Brittany had her makeup and hair done yesterday so she could take her senior studio portraits with another photography agency. I got a call on her way home that she wasn’t happy with the experience and could I please do a quick second session with her. Of course! I gathered my gear as quickly as I could and she met me at my house 10 minutes later. Check out the photos!