Newborn Baby G | Santa Clarita Baby Photographer

I have known Baby G’s mommy for over 8 years now, although she and I have never even lived in the same city.  When I found out that she and her family were moving to San Diego, I was so excited and immediately began planning out a time when I could drive down.  When she asked me to photograph newborn Baby G, it was the perfect opportunity.  I was delighted to find out that Baby G is seriously adorable and sweet, just like his three older siblings, his mommy and daddy.  Congrats, S Family!



Official Images: Winner of the Big One Giveaway | Santa Clarita Photographer

The winner of The Big One Giveaway is officially our blog’s first family of 2012…and fittingly so!  I’m not going to preface these images by a lengthy description of the session. I simply want this family to stand out…to feel special and know that they are the stars of the show. Much love to the DB.-C. Family.

Party of 6 | Santa Clarita Family Photographer

One big happy family. Those are the words that come to mind when I think of the L Family. Though this family has 4 kids 5 and younger, you’d never know it to look at Mom and Dad.  Personally, I loved their go-with-the-flow attitude and the obvious happiness that their kids felt because of it.  It was such a pleasure to photograph this clan and capture their youthfulness, fun-loving personalities, and genuine adoration for each other.

Baby C: 12 Days New | Santa Clarita Newborn Photographer

I originally introduced you to the Garel Family in this post.  Guess what? The Garel Family has expanded by 1.  Please join me in welcoming Baby C to the family!

Baby C was such a cute little peanut – and she sure knows what she wants!  She wasn’t too excited at first to sleep through her photo session – she was wide awake and checking the studio out.  After some rearranging, she slept like the angel she truly is.  Thanks for letting me cuddle you, Baby C and thanks to the Garel Family for sharing their new bundle of joy!

Baby J is 3 Months Old! | Santa Clarita Baby Photographer

I can hardly believe it, but my nephew, Baby J, is already 3 months old, so it was time for more portraits.  Look how big he has gotten since his newborn portraits (view them HERE)!

 Much to his mother’s chagrin, Baby J is a major thumb-sucker! She had to majorly distract him to get a thumbless smile!

And one of 3 year old Big Sis B, just because!

Announcing: STUDIO SESSIONS | Santa Clarita Photographer


I am and always have been a natural light photographer and that’s not going to change any time soon. I love playing with light and I love exploring new nooks and crannies at different locations…the possibilities are endless!  But what happens if it rains? What happens if it’s REALLY windy (hello, Santa Ana winds!).  Until now, the only option was to reschedule, but that’s all about to change.

When I posed the option of studio sessions to my current clients, I was shocked at how excited and on-board with it they were!  I knew right then and there that, to properly serve my market here in the Santa Clarita Valley,  I needed to add studio work to my services, not only as a backup plan, but also as a service option.

You know what?  The truth is, I love studio work just as much as natural light work, ESPECIALLY PHOTOGRAPHING NEWBORNS!  Studio work truly holds a completely new set of possibilities and a clean, uniform style.


Studio sessions will be priced the same as natural light sessions ($195 session fee) and will also run 1 – 2 hours in length.  Newborn sessions may run up to 3 hours to allow for feedings, diaper changes, clothing changes, etc.

Many more props are available for studio sessions than natural light sessions (I wish I could lug all of this with me on natural light sessions!).  For newborn sessions, I have baskets, bowls, blankets, hats, headbands, and more! For family / child sessions, I have chairs, stools, toy props, dress up clothing, and more!  A variety of backdrops are available for different and unique looks.


Starting today, I will be accepting reservations for studio sessions on a first-come, first-serve basis, including newborn**, family (up to 4 family members), and headshot sessions.  For the time being, reservations will be limited, as they will take place at my home studio so I can properly judge the level of interest in this service.  If the level of interest is sufficient, there is a plan in place to rent an official studio space, at which time, availability will be expanded.

Call      (661)312-1686

Please note that Cristen Farrell Photography is closed from July 30 – August 7th (for a last bout of family fun with my kids before school resumes!).  I will however be returning calls and emails periodically.

*Although initial sessions will take place in my home studio, all studio equipment is of the highest, professional grade quality.  This is the same equipment that would eventually be transferred to a permanent studio.  

**If booking a newborn studio session, please remember that it is highly recommended to book your session in your newborn’s first 1 – 2 weeks of life.

Announcing Baby J | Santa Clarita Newborn Photographer

Baby J was welcomed by the LaMarrs on June 3, 2011 at 3:50 a.m. He weighed in at a healthy 7 pounds, 15 ounces and was 20 inches long.  Since Baby J is my nephew, I thought he definitely deserved a super-special, double-length blog post.

On June 3rd, I managed to make it to the hospital just hours after he was born.  He was adorable and his little baby smell just made me smile.  It reminded me so much of when my kids were born!  I was then lucky to be able to photograph him at 12 days old and even capture his eyes wide-open and curious.

Without further ado, here he is in all his incredible cuteness (hint, hint…this might be a clue as to my big end-of-July announcement!).

The LaMarrs, Part I: Waiting for Baby J | Santa Clarita Maternity Photographer

You’ve met the LaMarr family before (see their first photo session HERE), but they now have a new little LaMarr cookin’, Baby J, a BOY!  We had so many great images from this session, I decided to split them into two posts; the first is maternity and the second will be family.  I look forward to posting Baby J’s first photos too!

As a side note, just a reminder that we offer BABY BUNDLES – great pricing on maternity /newborn /toddler / first year packages!

The Scherbert Family | Santa Clarita Lifestyle Photographer

Photographing the Scherberts was so fun – they were so upbeat and up for anything! Heather and I go way, WAY back, so it was such a great experience to capture new memories for her and her family.  She prefers a lifestyle / photojournalistic style, so we captured lots of candid moments in addition to the usual posed shots.