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My holiday decorations are up and my kids are in a festive mood.  Their excitement got me thinking… What makes these holiday decorations so special and we look forward to decorating each year?  The more I thought, the more I realized that each one had a special meaning for me and these are things I want to pass on to my kids.  Here are some holiday items special to me…

This was the first holiday decoration that I ever bought for myself!

This was the first holiday decoration I bought for the first home we owned.

These figurines belonged to my late mother-in-law; she was obsessed with Boyds Bears and Cherished Teddies!

I reindeer that was my husband’s when he was a little boy.

Our monogrammed stockings and stocking holders. My husband gave these to me as a Christmas gift in 2006.

The first decorations I bought when we bought our 2nd (and current) home.  I was thrilled to finally have a staircase to decorate!

The advent calendar that my husband grew up using.  This is my kids’ favorite of all of the Christmas decorations!  They get a huge kick out of moving the mouse each day.
















When I was a kid finding out just how much I loved art, this was one of the first few crafts I made for fun.
















The first holiday gift I ever received from a client just because.
















Our very first “Christmas Tree”.
















The frame that holds all of my kids’ pictures with Santa over the past 8 years.
















My mom gave me this snowman the first year we lived in our current house.  She was so thrilled that she had found this handmade item! Makes me laugh when I think about how excited she really was!
















We don’t have our Christmas tree yet, but I’ll be sure to add photos of that also!  We have so many special ornaments too…


Happy Holidays…in July

Yesterday I had a client tell me that they are starting to prep for the holidays. I was truly puzzled at this, but when I really started thinking about it, I liked the idea more and more. I am a very organized person – when it comes to business matters. My own personal business, like holiday shopping, generally goes by the wayside until it absolutely must be done.

Not this year, I declared! And with that thought, I fished out my holiday card templates that had been gathering virtual dust on my hard drive. I present them (and a host of other holiday products!) to you just in case you are that wonderfully prepared person that plans for the holidays in July. Stay tuned, because there will be some great summer holiday specials coming soon!

Following are a few of my favorite holiday card templates, but click HERE for the complete list of holiday card templates, as well as calendars, keychains, and statuettes.

Cristen Farrell – Los Angeles Family and Lifestyle Portrait Photographer