The Johnston Kids | Santa Clarita Family Photographer

The Johnston’s mini session was a super-fun one. The weather and light were perfect for a lush park setting. The kids were so happy and excited to just be someplace new with new spots to explore. We wandered the park a bit and here are the shots we got. Oh and, ahem, I did NOT doctor these kids’ eyes – they were truly gorgeous shades of blue!

Meet Emily | Santa Clarita Photographer

Last weekend’s post got me thinking. I feel like I get to know my clients so well – I meet their families, find out about their interests, and catch their personalities on camera. Do my clients know ME though?  I decided to take the next few weeks and introduce you to MY family, my inspiration.  Last week you met Alex, my six year old son. This week, you get to meet Emily, my two year old daughter.

Emily is quite the spitfire. She has attitude and energy abounding.  She looks just like her daddy, but loves to sing at the top of her lungs in the car like her mommy. She thinks her big brother is the greatest thing in the whole, wide world. She hates having her picture taken. She keeps me on my toes and melts me with her sweet smiles, gentle hugs and innocent wonder.

Meet Alex | Santa Clarita Child Photographer

I’d like to introduce you to Alex, my 6 year old son. I was pleasantly surprised when he was asked to audition for a movie! I was embarassed to say that, yes I am a photographer and, no my son doesn’t have headshots (oops!). The audition was the next day – yikes! These are the quickie headshots we did the night before.

3 Generations of Love | Santa Clarita Family Photographer

When “N” told me that I would be photographing not only her gorgeous kids, but also her son’s 3 week old daughter, I was so excited! Finally! A chance to pull out my soft blankies and adorable headbands. Baby “R” didn’t disappoint. She was the cutest little thing (she must take after her other family members!).

The M Kids | Santa Clarita Family Photographer

The M Family met me at the park on one of the most beautiful days in a long time – what a nice relief from the chilly weather of winter.  I had never shot at this particular park before, but it turned out to be a great find; the lighting was just gorgeous.  The M kids were full of silly energy and that translated into adorable smiles and huge hugs. Who could ask for more?

New! BABY BUNDLES | Santa Clarita Baby Photographer

Are you pregnant? Do you have a new little bundle of joy? Are you looking for a unique baby shower gift?

As a mom of 2 myself, I look for both value and ease of use when purchasing a new product or service. Since Cristen Farrell Photography prides itself on providing a seemless, free-flowing portrait process and an economical solution for those clients looking for a professional way to capture their most cherished memories, I thought that BABY BUNDLES would be the perfect way to expand on that sentiment.

What are Baby Bundles?
Baby Bundles are maternity and baby portrait session packages to simplify your life and save your wallet. You won’t find any department store gimmicks, 5 minute sessions, or poorly retouched images here! BABY BUNDLES offer the same high quality features as our full Portrait Sessions.

What Baby Bundles can I choose from?

Welcome to the World Bundle: $295 (Save $95)
Includes 2 Sessions: Maternity & Newborn

Petite Little Darling Bundle: $395 (Save $190)Includes 3 Sessions: Newborn, 6 Months, & 12 Months

Little Darling Bundle: $695 (Save $280)Includes 5 Sessions: Newborn, 3 Months, 6 Months, 9 Months, & 12 Months

Tummy to Toddler Bundle: $795 (Save $375)Combo of Welcome to the World and Little Darling Bundles. Includes 6 sessions: Maternity, Newborn, 3 Months, 6 Months, 9 Months, & 12 Months

What about Prints & Products?
Both professional quality prints and disks with full print rights are available. We also have many products perfect for displaying those special memories. Products include custom collages, gallery wraps and gallery wrap collections, custom albums, accordion brag books, calendars, keychains, sterling silver jewelry, and mobile device wraps for iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and more.

Prints and products are not included in the Baby Bundle pricing, however we are always happy to offer a discount with the purchase of a Baby Bundle. Please inquire regarding the most current discount available.

What else do I need to know?
To take advantage of the savings offered through Baby Bundles, total Baby Bundle fee must be paid in advance prior to your first session. Cancellation will not result in a refund of the Bundle session fees.

How do I purchase a Baby Bundle?
Simply call or email Cristen Farrell Photography!
(661)312-1686 |

Want to learn more about pricing on all types of session? Visit our website!

The Iyengar Sisters | Santa Clarita Child Photographer

I met the Iyengar sisters early on a Saturday morning. It was cold and a little windy, but they didn’t seem to notice. These two girls were full of energy, smiles, and lots of giggles. They were so easy and fun to work with!

Brotherly Love | Santa Clarita Family Photographer

From the moment I met the “D” brothers and saw their adorable cowboy boots, I knew this was going to be a fun session. Boys will be boys and they had TONS of energy, as evident in a few of the images below. I had so much fun playing with them and felt so honored to get high-fives at the end of the session.

The Kelley Family | Santa Clarita Family Photographer

The Kelley’s requested a session in their backyard and what a beautiful backyard it was. Truthfully though, the love between this family is what caught my attention. You can tell that they are close knit and would do anything for each other. In my opinion, that’s more important than anything in this world.

On a Personal Note | Santa Clarita Photographer

Since it’s almost Christmas and I’m going to be launching a few new products after the first of the year, I thought I’d skip Featured Product Wednesday in favor of a few quick personal thoughts.

As a photographer, I do my best to capture special moments and precious memories for all of my clients.  I’m so fortunate to have clients willing to share these with me. As a wife and a mom, I do my best to capture these for my own family and I’d like to take a moment to share them with YOU. At a time of the year when so many families are far apart and so many families barely have food on the table or gifts under the tree, it’s not hard to realize how lucky I really am. Above all, I am humbled by the gift of my family; I’m so very thankful for them.  Happy holidays from my family to yours. Here are a few memories close to my heart.

Thomas: My other half; my partner. We met 13 years ago and got married almost 10 years ago. We’ve seen our fair share of good times and gray skies. I still love him like the day we met and the day we got married.

Alex: Our miracle baby. We tried for a very long time to get pregnant – months and months of heartbreak. Then came Alex and our world was bright again – and has never stopped being bright. Almost 7 years ago, tears of joy streamed down my face when I heard my baby boy cry for the first time.

Emily: The firecracker. I wasn’t quite prepared for the wonderful chaos that my spirited daughter would create. Little Miss Personality has been keeping me on my toes for almost 2 years now and I wouldn’t have it any other way.