The H Twins: Boys on the Move! | Santa Clarita Family Photographer

I must admit that I knew exactly what I was walking into when I arrived to photograph the 2 1/2 year old H twins. After all, my own daughter is the exact same age and she has more energy than I often know what to do with.  The H twins were no different and I was certainly grateful that I had grabbed that energy drink, but I loved every minute.  The greatest thing about toddler energy is how happy and carefree and just generally cute and lovable they are. I had such a great time playing with these two sweeties – and there’s one more H sibling on the way who I can’t wait to meet!

The Del Bagno Family | Santa Clarita Family Photographer

I’ve known the Del Bagno’s since I was in junior high. I’ve always admired what a tight-knit clan they are. When they asked me for a family session on the one day of year where they would all be in the same location, let alone the same state, I knew that it was going to be a great session…and I was right.