The Cristen Farrell Photography Pledge

We are committed to providing the highest level of Customer Service. Our goal is to provide a seamless, free-flowing portrait process in order to achieve the results that YOU are looking for.  We offer many different levels of pricing and packaging options, as we believe that anyone, regardless of monetary status should be able to afford high quality, cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Portrait Style

All portraits are on-location, using natural light. Why?  We don’t focus on posing or staging you…we want to see the REAL you in a REAL environment.  Oftentimes, the best memories are those that happen naturally. That’s also why you will see us get down on your kids’ level and play and laugh with them – even CHASE them!

Many portrait editing styles are available, but we prefer bright, fun, casual images so that personalities can really shine through.  Although we are advanced Photoshop users, we prefer to u

se re-touching sparingly – you shouldn’t look fake!  That doesn’t mean that we are afraid to remove scratches, baby rashes, etc.

About the Photographer: Meet Cristen


I haven’t always been a “photographer”, in the traditional sense of the word. But what’s the definition of a “photographer” anyway?  For years, in my case, it was driving friends and family crazy while I tried to snap away at them. Truthfully though, my love for photography came full circle when my first child was born.  With every picture I took of him, I saw his silliness, energy, and spirit shine through, memories brought to life with my lens that I will treasure forever. That’s when this unorthodox plan to start my business first started to take hold; I wanted to provide others with that same close-to-the-heart experience.

So what was I doing BEFORE photography became my life? A few things, really. I spent 11 years in the corporate world working at a Fortune 50 company, a tiny startup, and a mid-sized nationwide company – hence, my extreme dedication to customer service and smooth operations.  At some point in there, I put my other hobby, graphic design, to work and started freelancing. Freelancing is what put my business goals on the map and helped me determine how to work with clients with creative visions.  As it turns out, advanced graphic design experience, especially with Photoshop, really lends itself well to professional photography in the form of editing images.

Where does that leave me now? Eager to meet you! I don’t look at photo sessions as work…I look at them as play time.  I meet a gorgeous set of blue eyes, or a pair of rosy, chubby cheeks and I can’t wait to photograph them.  I brainstorm each session and scope out exciting and unique locations to make it both creative and exactly what you are looking for at the same time.  How lucky am I that I get to play at work every day? All thanks to YOU!

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